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Mohammad Amir might be eligible for playing IPL in future times


Former Pakistan speedster Mohammad Amir never played in the IPL yet he unquestionably can! The 28 year old, who has thrown in the towel taking everything into account, has applied for a British citizenship. On the off chance that he gets that, he is not, at this point a Pakistani and can play for any establishment as per the principles.

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On account of the current political environment, IPL doesn’t see support of any Pakistani cricketers. Prior Azhar Mahmood too played a period of IPL notwithstanding his countrymen not being available.

“At the moment I’ve been granted indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom. I’m enjoying my cricket these days and plan to play for another 6 or 7 years so let’s see how things go,” stated by Amir to Pakpassion.net

Mohammad Amir’s better half and a small kid are now in Britain and the youthful family is anticipating another life in another country.

“My children will grow up in England and receive their education there so no doubt I will be spending a fair amount of time there,”

.”At the moment, I’ve not really thought about the other possibilities and opportunities available and how things will turn out when I receive British citizenship in the future,”quoted by Amir.

Prior he referred to the absence of regard from the group the board as the significant justification his initial exit from worldwide cricket. He added that it was an extreme call to quit playing cricket for Pakistan however was left with no other alternative.

“Retiring from playing for your beloved country isn’t an easy step to take. I thought a lot about this decision, I spoke to those close to me and only then did I reach this decision. If I go into all of the details and re-open all those chapters then it will get very ugly. I hope that our players, especially the youngsters in future don’t have to face what I had to face as I don’t want our younger players to get disheartened and have to sacrifice their careers like I did,” further stated by Mohammad Amir.



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