“Mr President, who is the trump card of RCB?”, RCB asks Donald Trump

“Mr President, who is the trump card of RCB?”, RCB asks Donald Trump

“Mr President, who is the trump card of RCB?”, RCB asks Donald Trump(Pic Source: Twitter)

Donald Trump, the US President has been doing rounds in the social media since his arrival in India on Monday for the much-anticipated visit. The US President was welcomed by India Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a thousand no. of fans at the Ahmedabad airport.

After welcoming him with a warm hug, the Indian Prime Minister and Donald Trump addressed over 1.10 lakh spectators in a jam-packed stadium on the occasion of ‘Namaste Trump’ event. With the speech the US President also inaugurated the Stadium which will be now the world’s largest cricket stadium with a capacity of 1,10,000 people.

In his illustrious speech, the US president also named two of India’s best batsman of modern time Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli, “This is the country where your people cheer on some of the world’s greatest cricket players, Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli,” Donald Trump said as quoted by India Today.

However, he did make everyone laugh with his pronunciation and accent while naming the things in his coveted speech. Trump, while naming the two Indian cricket’s stalwarts, struggled to pronounce Sachin’s name as he pronounced Sachin as ‘Soochin Tendolkar’ and Kohli as ‘Virot Kolee’ while addressing a massive crowd at the stadium.

Since then the pronunciation fumble has become a memes material on the social media. Even International Cricket Council did not spare Trump for his fumble as ICC posted a video, in which they can be seen modifying Sachin’s name to Soo-chin Tendulkar in their database.

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Now, in one of the latest episodes of meme, RCB has posted a clip in which Donald Trump is taking the name of Virat Kohli with an edited voice-over asking, “Mr President, who is the trump card of RCB?” to which Donald Trump can be seen naming Indian captain in Virat Kohli (Virot Ko-Lee)fashion.

Here is the video link:

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