Monday, September 26, 2022

MS Dhoni or Matthew Wade?


It rarely happens that, a wicket-keeper comes to bowl. But the wicket-keeper batsman always tries his luck in the bowling. In the past, MS Dhoni, Kumar Sangakkara and Adam Gilchrist once bowled. Yesterday during the first Ashes test between England Versus Australia, Australian wicket-keeper Batsman Matthew wade came to bowl some overs. Matthew Wade action looks like MS Dhoni’s Bowling action.

Here the Video of Matthew wade Bowling

Sanjay Bangar opens up on MS Dhoni’s batting position in the world cup semi-final

“I am really flattered that people are looking at me from this angle because I am not the sole decision-making authority. We assess and go through a lot of situations,” said Bangar in an interview to Hindustan Times.

“We had also decided that we would have to be flexible in the middle order as far as No. 5, 6 and seven were concerned because we were looking to maximise the 30-40 over the slab,” he said.

“And, the individuals were well aware of it. Virat (Kohli) also stated in his press conference after the semi-finals that after the Afghanistan game, it was decided that Dhoni could bat a little lower down (till that point he had batted at No 5), so that he could play post the 35th over as he could accelerate in the death overs and also take care of the lower order with his experience. So, he was slated to bat at No 6 in the semis.”

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“Dinesh Karthik was promoted to No five after consultations in the changing room to stem the fall of wickets and resurrect the innings and leave Dhoni, our most experienced player, to do the finisher’s job.”

“Ravi Shastri has categorically stated that it was a team decision. So, I fail to understand why this perception that the decision to send Dhoni at No. 7 was solely mine,” he added.



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