Friday, August 19, 2022

Nathan Lyon changed the Stump bails; Joe Root changed them back


Australia have a good chance to win the ongoing fourth Ashes test and take the lead by 2-1 with one test match has left. The ongoing Ashes has become a cracker between England and Australia. Both the team have given a good fight to each other. After winning the first test, Australia lost the third ashes test while the second ashes test has ended with a draw. But during the third day of the ongoing fourth Ashes test, a funny incident took place to change the stump bails.

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When Nathan Lyon was bowling, he bowled the delivery and when going towards his run-up. He changed the Stump bails position, but Joe Root was watching him turn the bails, and he changed them back.

Here the Video

Ben Stokes is a match-winner: Joe Root

“One thing you know about Ben is that when the big occasions come around, he is going to be there,” Root said.

“He is going to want to be a part of it, he is never going to shy away from any sort of challenge, and he has proven that this summer.

“For him, I think he has just got to keep working and doing exactly what he is doing – he’s flying at the moment! He needs to harness that, bottle it up and make the most of it while he is in this great form.

“He is a great team man; he is one of those guys who will go out of his way to help everyone and make sure that they feel like they are ready. He’ll always offer advice; he’s a brilliant senior player and leader. He shows that on the field. He’s got a good balance of knowing when to say the right things. He’s very passionate, and he drags people with him. He’s just a genuinely good bloke. If you combine that with the skill and ability he has, and it’s a great combination and a great inspiration for not only the young guys coming into this team but the senior players as well.”



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