Monday, September 26, 2022

Non-striker player runs out the striker player


Cricket is the gentleman game, and people love this game lot, especially in India. You can get out in different ways in cricket and run out in one of them. A player gets angry when he gets run-out. Run out is the most hurting way to get out in cricket. Generally, in gully cricket, many times a player gets run out to another player.

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Recently, during the county championship match, a player got run out from the mistake of another player. Striker player wanted to take a run but after the midway no-striker denied to take single and he got run out.

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James Anderson on his injury

“When I start this rehab, I’m going to try and investigate every possible avenue of what I need to do at my age to keep myself in good shape,” Anderson said. “I feel in really good condition. I feel as fit as I ever have. It’s just the calf keeps twanging.

 “I’m going to look at every possible thing I can to make sure I can play for as long as possible. I’ll look at how other sportspeople have done it throughout their careers to keep going into their late 30s. Whether there’s anything specific I can do, diet, gym programme, supplements, whatever it might be. Because I’ve still got a real hunger and desire to play cricket, I still love the game and still feel like I can offer something to this team and still have the skills and can bowl quick enough to have a positive effect.”

 “It’ll be an ongoing process through the rest of my career. I still feel like I can be the best bowler in the world. So as long as I’ve got that mentality, I’m going to keep pushing myself. Keep trying to improve my skills with the ball, work hard at my batting, and try to find every possible thing to help me stay fit.”



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