Once again Former Indian Cricketer caught in trolling Queensland Minister over the statement given to Indian Team

Once again Former Indian Cricketer caught in trolling Queensland Minister over the statement given to Indian Team

Wasim Jaffer (Pic Source : Twitter)

Only few days are left for the most important test series between both India and Australia. It can be said a deciders match that whom wanna go with a lead in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. With the beginning of match, visitors are involved in a quite unexpected rift due to demolishing the bio-bubble protocols which led them in a doubt to be present in the match or if they leaves out then they would be under quarantine norms for the final test.

The unexpected incline in the coronavirus case in New South Wales made them to shut all the borders off again to control the scare which also proving it no cricket in the area. In this scenario the unrevised case of Rohit Sharma and co dined at restaurant making huge controversy even after getting proved. Now all can this is governed and Cricket Australia will examine the case thoroughly. The final test match is also under doubt and commenting on this Health Minister, Ros Bates said “If the Indians don’t want to play by the rules, don’t come,”.

 Trolling level again strikes

On this above comment given by Ros Bates, is highly influenced by the Former Indian Cricketer, Wasim Jaffer who constantly trolls the haters or any negative comment.

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This time he trolled Minister by posting a hilarious post.

The photo he posted was of Jofra Archer who was smiling with handling a bag. This picture depicts that the visitors are ready to go back to their own land but only with the Border-Gavaskar Trophy.

It was also noted out that the first cricketer to break the safety protocols during England And West Indies Test series was also Jofra Archer which made him to go under isolation. He was then allowed to play the remaining matches after being tested negative for COVID-19.

Nevertheless but the tweet posted by Former Indian Cricketer Wasim Jaffer is highly entertained by the fans and he again proves he can entertain fans on the field as well as off the field.


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