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Prediction on dates over remainder season of IPL 2021


BCCI Vice President Rajeev Shukla showed up in the UAE to regulate the preparation for the resumption of the rest of the IPL 2021, with president Sourav Ganguly, Jay Shah, and IPL director Brijesh Patel to show up soon, revealed from Khaleej Times.

I am already here. Now a team of BCCI office-bearers, president (Sourav Ganguly), secretary (Jay Shah), and the IPL chairman (Brijesh Patel) will be coming here in a couple of days. We will be having discussions with the cricket board here and the other authorities. And accordingly, the schedule will be made, so the tournament happens in a very smooth manner as it happened here last year,” quoted by Rajeev Shukla.

The only issue is about the spectators, whether they will allow the spectators or not. So we will talk to them about that. We will go by whatever UAE authorities decide. If they say it’s with spectators, and a certain percentage of spectators, we are fine. Or if they say without spectators, that is also fine with us. There is no problem,” added by him.

The IPL is relied upon to start on September 19, four days after India’s Test arrangement in England gets over. While the equivalent bio-air pocket will be utilised for IPL, a portion of the unfamiliar stars are relied upon to miss the competition.

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“We have discussed that (foreign players) issue also. Our main focus is on completing this edition of the IPL. It should not be left halfway through. So whichever foreign players are available is fine. Whoever is not available, it is not going to stop us from hosting the tournament,”

“The Indian players are there, foreign players are there, but few foreign players will not be available. As I said, we have to complete our tournament. So the franchises will definitely look for other players. Whoever is available, we are going to have the tournament with them. That’s our policy,”

“Whatever, Covid protocols (on vaccination) are required, we will be following those protocols, the Indian protocols as well as the UAE protocols,” further added by him.

They are all very happy. From day one, they have been backing the UAE. There were some media reports about England (hosting the remaining matches), but there’s a weather problem in England where it rains a lot. Also, we have got about 20 days to complete the tournament. Even if we start on September 19, by the 10th of October we have to finish it. Then there’s a T20 World Cup (October-November) also. So keeping the weather in mind and the top-class facilities, the UAE was the best option. Said by Shukla when asked about reaction of franchises over this decision.

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“That issue also has been deliberated. Our first choice is India. So we will be seeking some time from the ICC, a month or so, to decide about it. If towards the end of June or maybe, the first week of July, the situation is not good there (India), then obviously it (T20 World Cup) will come to the UAE.

If the situation improves (in India) and we are able to host it, then we will be hosting there (in India).” Added by Rajeev Shukla when asked on scenario over ICC World T20 Cup.



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