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Prithvi Shaw suspended for a doping violation


Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw has been suspended until 15 November for Doping Violation. A BCCI release said Shaw had “inadvertently ingested a prohibited substance, which can be commonly found in cough syrups.”

Apart from Prithvi Shaw, two other crickets Akshay Dullarwar and Divya Gajraj also suspended for a doping violation.

“Because Mr Shaw promptly admitted his ADRV upon being confronted with it by the BCCI, there is discretion under BCCI ADR Article 10.10.2 to back-date the start of the period of ineligibility to the date of sample collection (22 February 2019). However, the BCCI ADR Article 10.10.2 also requires Mr Shaw actually to serve one half of the period of ineligibility. Therefore, further to BCCI ADR Article 10.10.2, the eight months of ineligibility will be deemed to have started to run on 16 March 2019, so that it will end at midnight on 15 November 2019,” the BCCI statement said.

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After that, Prithvi shaw came up with a message. Prithvi shaw tweeted and wrote,

“I have come to know today that I will not be able to play cricket till mid-November 2019. This is in light of a prohibited substance present in the cough syrup which I inadvertently took when I had severe cough & cold while playing for my Mumbai team during Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament in Indore in Feb 2019. I was coming back off a foot injury which I suffered during the India tour of Australia & I was returning to active cricket in that tournament. However, out of my eagerness to play, I didn’t follow the protocol of being careful in consuming a basic over the counter cough syrup.”

Here the tweet of Prithvi Shaw

“I accept my fate with all sincerity. While I’m still nursing an injury which I suffered during my last tournament, this news has really shaken me. I have to take this in my stride, and I hope it inspires others in our sports fraternity too in India that we as athletes need to be extremely careful in taking any medicine for the smallest of medical ailments even if the medicine is available over the counter & we always need to follow the protocol.”

“I thank the BCCI for all the support and also my near and dear ones who have always stood by me. Cricket is my life, and there is no bigger pride for me than playing for India or Mumbai & I will come out of this faster and stronger. Thank you again, everyone, for your support.”




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