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Rashid Khan goes for tremendous helicopter shot in T20 Blast 2021


Hampshire and Sussex drew swords against one another in the South Group match of the T20 Blast 2021 at Rose Bowl, Southampton. Sussex has been having some fantastic luck in the season up until now and with Rashid Khan playing this experience they were relied upon to have an incredible excursion. Notwithstanding, the game went poorly for the spinner with the ball, yet he actually didn’t neglect to interest everyone with his batting appearance. 

The primary appearance of Rashid Khan for Sussex was something he wouldn’t have any desire to recall. He demonstrated costly with the ball in the match and couldn’t scalp any wickets. 

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In the innings, be that as it may, he ensured he made the commitment to the group with the bat. Rashid played a quick-fire knock of 26 runs off 13 balls and helped the group to put a serious absolute on the board. 

During his exciting innings, he hit some hostile shots to clear the limits. However, a single shot especially stood apart among the others which made everyone pay heed to it. Rashid himself appeared to have tracked down this shot noteworthy as he shared it as a story on his Instagram handle. He inscribed it as:

“Now we need a name for this shot!!”

Rashid couldn’t pull things with the ball around in this challenge, yet it’s undeniably true that he has been instrumental for each group that he has played for. He remains as the significant and mandatory player of the Afghanistan side with his unprecedented capacities. 

Not just with the bat, one has seen him ponder with the bat as well. He has frequently said on record that he appreciates batting too. As of late on the Curtly and Karishma Show, he had stated that he generally needed to be the awesome his specialty.

“I don’t know if I am the best or not. Since childhood, while playing with brothers at home, I had that kind of mentality in my mind that I have to be the best. That is just how I grew up.” Said by Rashid Khan.



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