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Reason Behind Dinesh Karthik’s unique helmet


Yet again Indian wicket-keeper batsman Dinesh Karthik showed a brief look at his completing skills during September 23’s rain-shortened second T20I against Australia. Coming in to bat with only 13 required off 7, Karthik smacked 10* off 2 (1 six and 1 four) to help the Men in Blue voyage to a genuinely necessary success.

Regardless of whether you keep this 2-ball lightning war to the side, Dinesh Karthik has played two or three stunning blinders in past games (41* off 19, 55 off 27 and 30* off 21) too, making him a definite shot starter for Group India in the 2022 T20 World Cup that starts in October.

Notwithstanding, that isn’t the subject of conversation here. This article concerns the novel plan of the protective cap that DK wears and the purposes for his decision. The plan of the helmet  Dinesh Karthik wears is something that stands out at whatever point he keeps, or emerges to bat.

The 37-year-old sensation sports a fairly rather novel looking protective cap that looks like the ones utilised in Baseball and American Football match-ups. There’s no lump at the middle and it isn’t a circle .

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Clearly, Karthik’s staff has extra metal barbecues for assurance.

Dinesh Karthik
Dinesh Karthik (Pic Source : Hotstar)

Regardless, there are a few expected reasons concerning why Dinesh Karthik decides to wear these over standard ones.  First of all, Dinesh’s helmets are more ergonomic and lighter, permitting better head development, running and a superior fit on the head.

Moreover, the little openings at the top, the sides and the back give better perspiration delivery and ventilation. India’s new cool-blue Jersey has brought about an adjustment of the protective helmet tone. Karthik’s cap presently stands apart like never before, sparkling like a blue sun when the floodlights in  its shiny surface, consequently giving the impression of the DK having fabricated an igloo around his head.

Dinesh Karthik to the side, a modest bunch of different cricketers including James Taylor, Stuart Wide, Rahul Tripathi, and Kumar Sangakkara have donned comparable styled cricket protective caps previously.

To go a little unpredictable, such protective caps likewise look better (to me) and these players considering dumping the typical head protector makes them appear to be valid and gallant dominant men.



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