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Sachin gives his opinion on the future of IPL and World T20


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to complete standstill for now. With that the deadly pandemic has also brought all the outdoor sports activities to complete halt till the virus eradicates. From Cricket tournaments to Football league to Wimbledon to everything has either been cancelled or postponed indefinitely amid the world wide lockdown.

While all the cricket action looks postponed or cancelled in foreseeable future, Bundesliga, the German football league, is likely to kick start some sports activities sometime in May. In these tough times, some scholars of the game have even argued for matches in the empty stadium but the situation is worse enough to deny any possibility of cricket in near future.

The multination tournaments like T20 World Cup and Asia Cup are also in danger of getting postponed. However, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, who turned 47 on Friday, has suggested that if the condition improves, ICC, CA and BCCI must plan and devise a way that can fit all the tournaments in suitable time windows.

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“I don’t know about the number of days available or when it was likely to happen (the exact dates). As long as there is cricket, I am happy. I am sure ICC would look into it and so will the Australian cricket board and see which is the best way forward and then decide for world cricket, Indian cricket as well as Australian cricket. I feel they just need to identify the windows and if it fits into those windows, then why not?” Sachin told IANS.

During the course of interaction, Sachin was also asked to rate the current Indian Team with the players of his generation. However, as always, Sachin refused to draw any comparison as every generation has his own challenges and oppositions.

“I don’t like comparing generations because I feel it is wrong. Not to forget the likes of Srinath, Anil, Agarkar, Nehra, Zaheer, Harbhajan were all bowling against different batters. If I go into details, somewhere down the line I would be comparing,” Sachin said.

While concluding the conversion, Sachin also advised the people to stay safe and indoors in such critical times.



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