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Star World Cup Winning Indian Player now works as a labourer in Gujarat for livelihood 


Cricket is the most-spectated sport in India. Indeed, it’s a game as well as a feeling. Innumerable individuals from each alcove and corner of the nation follow the game with enthusiasm. 

Fans have been supporting Team India for quite a while presently. It’s an obvious fact that cricket has changed the existence of people coming from the monetarily inverse part of society. 

We have frequently found out about poverty to newfound wealth accounts of cricketers. Take, for example, Hardik Pandya. From no place to playing cricket for India, he has without a doubt made some amazing progress. Like that, there are numerous models. 

Then again, there are additionally a couple of models when cricketers have lost their track. There is no unfortunate second than seeing cricketers losing great status and battling throughout everyday life. 

Today, we will discuss a cricketer who is confronting a ton of battles. His name is Naresh Tumda. For the unversed, he is a World Cup 2018 winning visually impaired cricketer. He began playing when he was 5 years of age. In 2014, he acquired a spot in the Gujarat group, and afterward he got a public call-up. 

From addressing the country with satisfaction to filling in as a worker in Gujarat, Naresh’s life slipped from great status to battles. He was important for the group that beat Pakistan by 8 wickets in the World Cup last. 

India crushed Pakistan by 8 wickets pursuing a Goliath score of 309 out of 2018. It’s truly appalling to realise that one of the individuals, Naresh, is going through difficulties right now. 

The cross country lockdown in 2020 due to Covid expanded his destitution. As of now, he sells vegetables and accomplishes worker work in Gujarat’s Navsari Area. Naresh acquires Rs 250 every day for his work. 

Naresh revealed that he had moved toward the state government and the Gujarat boss priest a couple of times for a task. Unfortunately, he didn’t get any answer. He likewise accepted that gathering higher individuals in the public arena including the President after the world cup win will change his fortunes however nothing occurred. 

Naresh has additionally sent solicitations to the Prime Minister’s office in the journey for a task as yet anticipating a reaction. Since the news turned into a web sensation on the web, a few clients are calling out for help.

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“I earn Rs 250 a day, which is hardly enough to support my poor parents. I urge the government to grant me a job,”

“I can barely make ends meet with my paltry wages. My parents are old; my father cannot work. I am the sole breadwinner for the family. I have been expecting the government to show consideration for the past two years,” said by Tumda.



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