Strong reply gave by Sonu Sood when fan asked him to save Team India

Strong reply gave by Sonu Sood when fan asked him to save Team India

Sonu Sood (pic Source: Twitter)

No one could forget that day when Indian team gets demolished within a short span, in the history of red  ball cricket it has happened for the first time. Even squad members couldn’t believe it after taking a good start by scoring 244 runs in the first innings and getting all out for 36 in second innings is little embarrassing. That was totally a devastating and consideration towards nightmare all I can say.

With that loss everyone is trolling team with ease. The same happened when a fan tweeted and tagged Bollywood star Sonu Sood which rolled over social media platform a lot.

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In the 2020, Sonu Sood has been in the limelight for the social work he has done. He has been totally a social activist in saving and protecting people from coronavirus scare and sending needful people to their home in lockdown. This made him to be in limelight.

The tweet which rolled over social networking sites is that a fan tagged him posting a statement and that statement was

“Dear Sonu Sood, the Indian Team is stuck in Australia. Can you please save them”.

This statement came up with a hilarious way to comment on the condition of Indian team after falling out in a low scare in the opening match against Australia.

To reply back on this statement, Sonu Sood commented back in a strong and influential way

Kindly give the Indian Team another chance. In the next match they will bring Australia to our home”.

The comment was so smoothly wrote by Sonu Sood in an effective way that even fans loved the reaction of him. He is personally a good cricket fan and also called to be huge Dhoni fan.

Next Strategical move of Visitors

The next test match is on 26th December 2020, with Kohli’s absence Ajinkya Rahane is going to lead the team and few changes will be seen in the team after poor performance from Shaw, Saha. Rohit Sharma will join the camp from 30th December to join team in the third test match of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy.

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