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Suresh Raina knock over the statements regarding cheerleaders being distracts the cricketers


It was one of the hottest topics discussed over a time about the sudden exit of Suresh Raina from IPL 2020. As he was on the headlines for being opt out from the IPL 2020 giving personal reasons for his exit. He was considered as the backbone of the Chennai Super Kings and was the regular performer of the team. It can be easily predicted out, that this time Chennai camp had really missed Suresh Raina as there were lack of intent in the batting slot.

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Raina always produced his best for the Chennai camp, if he would there, then might be the results would be much different. Recently Raina was seen in the most popular show “The Kapil Sharma Show” with his wife Priyanka Raina. He was invited as the guest of the show. On that show Raina was asked many tricky questions which was much hilarious for the viewers to watch out. As per the format of the show, Celebs are asked with some controversial question and answer session, which was same happened with Raina also. Like a batsman, he defended out the questions wisely without any hesitation by handling them quite easily.

Out of all the questions, it can be said Archana Puran Singh had bowled a bouncer to Raina by asking him a fizzy question as she asked him to disclose the name of that cricketer who gets distracted by the cheerleaders easily. Raina was much clever enough to defend out the question with an ease.

Suresh Raina gets away from Googly

For the question given by Archana Puran Singh, Raina replied that cheerleaders entertain the viewers, they dance only for viewers. During the match, the players don’t even get any chance to see them also. He also said that the players arrive earlier than the players as the cheerleaders arrive at 7:30pm too.

“They are for the viewers. We can’t see them as we have to focus on the match. We get to see them on TV when they dance to our sixes and fours. We get to see a bit of their performance when we go for the toss. They too arrive at 7:30pm,” statement given by Raina. The answer was very clever enough to that cunning question.

Raina’s absence was surely made Chennai to the most disappointing season ever, as this is the first time CSK don’t even qualified for the playoffs and ended up in the 7th spot in the points table of IPL2020. CSK was weak in the batting order and they surely missed that Chinna Thala’s spark what we gave to the CSK camp over a decade.



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