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Surrey reckons to host global T20 Leagues like IPL,PSL and other T20 Teams


Surrey are wanting to have a yearly scaled down competition at the Oval where groups from IPL, PSL, BPL and other nations’ T20 classes could highlight on a potential yearly revolution premise, according to reports by the Telegraph. 

It was accounted for before that the England and Wales Cricket Board is hoping to sell stakes in the Hundred competition’s establishments to IPL groups to recuperate from the monetary misfortune caused over the course of the year because of the Covid pandemic. 

Yet, Surrey have requested that ECB loosen up the standards that keep them from orchestrating display matches with groups all throughout the planet and proposed an arrangement to organise a yearly based smaller than normal competition. 

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Surrey’s CEO Richard Gould has expressed that preferably, they might want to have a solitary IPL group or some other group from the world in the not so distant future to launch the arrangement in little small steps. However, they don’t have the leeway from the board as of now.

“We think the most deliverable plan is at the end of the season to bring an IPL team or teams from other parts of the world to play in a small baby-steps competition,” quoted by Gould

“There are two venues in London plus Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds all of whom I know would be interested in hosting those events but what we don’t currently have is a green light to do it”

“All of the contracts we have signed in the last year have increased control measures from ECB that prevent us from putting on any significant games without their permission which makes us more nervous about investing in such a venture. If we get a green light from the ECB we know there is so much more we could do for the global audience that surrounds us in London.”

“All we are asking is the free movement of players between competitions and if we had that then it would allow everyone to benefit but it is clear that is not a position the BCCI agree with and I understand it because they are the pre-eminent position in the market. Investment from overseas could weaken our own abilities going forward, concluded by Gould.



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