Ten year old nostalgic memory shared by Virat Kohli

Ten year old nostalgic memory shared by Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli (Pic Source : Twitter)

Finally ICC announced the awards of the decade in each and every category, it was the biggest suspense from last few weeks that who will bag the awards? But now all suspense has been shattered and good news is got up for all the Indian fans as national skipper Virat Kohli was been awarded as the ICC ODI and the Male Cricketer of the Decade Award.

After winning the award, Kohli has recognised those nostalgic memories which was mentioned ten years ago. He has also been named as the captain of ICC Test Team of the Decade and also a core team member of both ODI and T20 of decade respectively.

If talking about this decade only one name is enough to mention the consistency that is Virat Kohli. He was been one of those who has given up all he can and the outcome is the kind of presence he made in last ten years. His records speaks, his class gives all the information and facts of this legend. In this decade he has scored a total of 20,396 runs in all format which is the highest ever score by any player in this decade.

A young talent footing his step towards international cricket in 2008 and becoming the master of every format is worth remembering. His hard work has shown the capability of class and inspiration. He  has scored 7318 runs in Tests, 2928 runs in T20I and 12040 runs in ODIs respectively. He carries an outstanding average of 50+ in all the formats.

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His one of those tweet which was stated in 2010 was, “Looking forward to scoring lots of runs for my Team”.

Who thought this statement is going to be priceless as in this short time period he has shown what he has meant. After winning the award he also thanked ICC.

“I would like to thank my family, my coach, my friends and all the people who have stood by me through this decade and the BCCI for giving me the opportunity to represent my country which has been a great honour for me to do so over all these years. I would like to thank the ICC for this recognition and all the people who voted for me at the ICC Awards of the Decade,” quoted by Virat Kohli.

On the ten year old tweet Virat Kohli said

“Sharing this tweet I put out for 10 years ago, which was a hopeful one, I have realised through this journey that If you believe in yourself and play sport for the right reasons. No dream is too big to achieve. Regardless of the challenges and obstacles, you sill keep moving forward with this belief and see your dreams turn into reality. Thank you once again,”. Said by Kohli.

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