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The bouncer rule was introduced to supress the rising West Indies team of 1970-80’s: Sammy continues to hit back on racism in cricket


After the death of an African-American man-‘George Floyd’ in police custody, Darren Sammy, former West Indies Captain, is one of the cricketers, who have been quite vocal over the racism issue in Cricket.

In a latest interview, the World Cup winning West Indies captain has alleged that the bouncer rule in cricket was introduced to supress the growing prowess of a rising black team in 1970-1980’s.

The World has been quite vocal against the Racism demon for past few days, the USA and UK have been at the receiving end of this Racism demon as there have been severe protests after the death of an African-American man ‘George Floyd’ in police custody.

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Speaking over the same issue, Darren Sammy has raised his voice against the Racism demon frequently practiced by the people in power to supress men who are less fortunate. “The Kneeling on this guy’s neck brought so many scenarios to me. The symbol itself, I saw it as the people in power suffocating those who are less fortunate,” Daren Sammy told Inside Out.

Speaking on the racism issue in Cricket, the all-rounder also gave the example of the movie Fire in Babylon – a British documentary film, which was centered on the attempts that were made to bring down the mighty West Indies team of the 1970s and 1980s.

In his allegations, the fast bowler opined that the world cheered former Australian fast bowling duo of Jeffrey Robert Thomson and Dennis Lillee, when they hurt the batsmen. But, when the West Indies bowlers tried the same in 1970-80’s, the International Cricket Council introduced the rules in the game.

“Looking at the Fire in Babylon, looking at when Thomson and Lillee and all these guys were bowling quick and hurting people. Then I watch a black team becoming so dominant and then you see the bouncer rule start to come in and all these things start to come in and I take it, as I understand it, as this is just trying to limit the success of a black team could have. I might be wrong but that’s how I see it. And the system should not allow that,” opined Daren Sammy.



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