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The Moment when BCCI’s Official Twitter Account got hacked


Online Social Media is a blessing to humanity, however it can generally remain imperfect. Individuals simply realise how to get the best and most exceedingly awful out of these stages now and again.

On the off chance that there is somebody who might be listening who can track down the best out of something, there will consistently be somebody who simply figures out how to discover the most exceedingly awful out of it.

One such stage is Twitter, which is viewed as an unpredictable stage. Further, there can be a great deal of issues on the off chance that somebody figures out how to hack your Twitter account.

This is something that the BCCI figured out how to acknowledge once upon a time. The story traces all the way back to 2013, when an unusual post was seen on Twitter. This came from the authority record of the BCCI.

Twitteratti has a propensity for losing their brain over things that can truly drift rapidly. One such episode was BCCI’s official Twitter account was hacked by somebody. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t occur consistently, this was something truly amusing for them. The fans couldn’t prevent themselves from triumphing ultimately.

The occurrence was to such an extent that it left the BCCI most likely humiliated. They have no response to how and why it had occurred. In any case, it simply occurred and they needed to get to its furthest limit.

It was a connect to give a customised computerised signature of Sachin Tendulkar. That too with a tag to @LethalKiller69, which could be a known about the programmer. The crowd that saw the post in those days went absolutely crazy after they saw the post.

The Main Reason behind this whole incident

As of late this post was indeed apparent on Twitter for reasons unknown. We at Beyond The Posts saw it and spotted it on the web. We featured this once more, as it grandstands that any enormous or little record can be hacked anytime of time. Be careful with the CON!!

This was only a clever episode that was redressed by the Board Of Control For Cricket In India. They have from that point forward not had any such passes and will like to keep it as such. Notwithstanding, why precisely this post arose on Social Media stage Twitter as of late by and by, stays not yet clear.

The fans clearly had a field day when this post had turned into a web sensation. There was definitely some at wickedness and he labeled a companion along (doubtlessly). In any case, it turns out to be very fundamental for keep your records, particularly your Twitter account safe when you are a major brand.

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Sadly, the BCCI couldn’t do that in those days. Regardless of that, from that point forward they have figured out how to do a genuinely great job and the fans would be glad about it for the present!!



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