Thursday, October 6, 2022

Trent Boult got out, ‘Caught and Boult’


In the Ongoing Sri Lanka versus New Zealand match, when Trent Boult was batting, he played a shot and bowl was fixed into his helmet and then Sri Lankan player tried to catch the ball. Trent Boult was out most funnily.

New Zealand has scored 249 runs in the first inning. Ross Taylor scored 86 runs while Akila DananJaya took five-wicket Haul. Sri Lanka has scored 227 runs in the loss of 7 wickets in the first inning at the end of day two.

Here the Video of Trent Boult wicket:-

After New Zeland’s innings, Henry Nicholls said,

“When Ross and I went out after lunch, it was a case of keeping it simple and expecting that the ball was going to turn and beat the bat sometimes. ’ It’s just comfortable with that. We did a nice job for a while there,” Nicholls said. “We know on these surfaces in the subcontinent when you do get a wicket sometimes it can turn into two or three. Conditions were tough at times. The ball certainly spun a little earlier than we thought, but we expected it to be turning.”

“The game ebbed and flowed a bit through that middle session. Ross and I were able to score between 3.5 to 4 an over for a while there. We expect it to be like that – ebbing and flowing. When the ’ball’s a bit harder and ’it’s turning a bit sharper, it will be tougher. But when you bring the seamers back, while they bowled well at times, you were also able to score a bit faster,” Nicholls said.

“For me, trying to find a balance between defence and being comfortable with the ball turning the way it did, was important. First-innings runs in this part of the world are massive. ’We’re expecting it will get harder to bat on. ’It’s nice that Ross is not out overnight and is batting so beautifully.” he said.



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