Friday, August 19, 2022

TV umpires to call front-foot no-balls


International Cricket Council (ICC) introduces a new rule and Find the best way to decrease umpiring error. ICC will start a trial of front-foot no-balls that can be given by TV umpire in the near future. The Trial will start at the end of this year. BCCI demanded to check Front-foot No-ball by the third umpire. Sometime ON-field umpire missed the front-foot No-balls.

 ICC General Manager Cricket Operations Geoff Allardice confirmed on Tuesday.

“Broadly, yes the same technology as 2016 will be used. The idea is that the third umpire will be presented an image of the front-foot landing within a few seconds.”

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“He would communicate to the on-field umpire that a no-ball has been delivered, so every delivery on the field would be played as a fair delivery until called otherwise,” Cricinfo quoted Allardice as saying.

Harsha Bhogle expresses his views about the front-foot no-balls

“Have long stated that the front foot no-ball call should be taken away from umpires. Technology allows you to judge quickly enough and every ball will be fair till called (you have time till the next ball to call it since the batsman doesn’t benefit from the umpire’s call anyway),” Bhogle Tweeted.

“It will mean that the 3rd umpire will rule on every ball, but it will only take him a few seconds. It will ensure that no-balls aren’t by-passed and the umpire is free to focus in front of him rather than having to check the no-ball and quickly lookup for the lbw or edge,” he tweeted.

“delighted that the ICC is trialling this. It will be good for cricket; it will simplify things and make a simple judgement more accurate without stopping play,” he tweeted.




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