Friday, August 19, 2022

Twitter Reacts to Third Umpire’s ‘Controversial’ Decision against Rohit Sharma


Today, India is playing against West Indies. In this match, Rohit Sharma gives out by the third umpire. No one can believe it that can be out. It can trend on Twitter reactions. People started to say that it’s Not Out.

India set The Target of 268 runs for West Indies. Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni scored Half Centuries for India. Kemar Roach took three wickets for West Indies. West Indies did not get a good start and they lost their Two Important Wickest early.

In the mid Inning presentation, Kemar Roach said, “I think it’s about par (the score). The guys bowled well, the pitch is playing slow, so we need a fast start. Being out in the first five games, it was difficult to watch, so I wanted to put my best foot forward and perform well for the West Indies when I got the chance. We wanted to get into their middle-order as quickly as possible. It was a bad miss (the stumping chance against Dhoni), but such things do happen in cricket. However, we are happy to have kept them down to 268; we have no choice (when asked about their winning chances). Hopefully, we will start well upfront, play positively and our batters will win this game for us.”

Fans edit third umpire Michael Gough Wikipedia page after controversial Rohit Sharma dismissal

Here is the Picture of Michael Gough Wikipedia page

Michael Gough
Michael Gough(pic source : Sportscafe)

Here are the Twitter reactions

Former Australia player Brad Hogg wrote on Twitter, “Full sun on the ball, in the picture, on the right frame. Ball has hit the pad, not the bat. Technology making the world a clearer picture, NOT! Rohit has to accept the umpire’s decision, ctrl+alt+delete!”.



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