Umar Akmal gets heavily trolled for his English

Umar Akmal gets heavily trolled for his English

Umar Akmal gets heavily trolled for his English(Pic Source: Twitter)

Umar Akmal, the Pakistani batsman, is one of the most trolled personalities in cricket. The 29-year-old batsman has been bashed quite a number of time for inappropriate use of English in the comments on social media.

Yesterday, the poor English of Umar Akmal again embarrassed him on socialwhen he posted a picture with former all-rounder Abdul Razzaq.

In one of the worst possible blunders, Umar captioned the photo as, Mother from another brother” calling Abdul Razzaq his mother on the post. Umar though did delete the post after realising the blunder, but it was too late by then as you can’t erase anything permanently from the internet in today’s world.

Umar Akmal
(Pic Source: Twitter)

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The fans, who noted the mistake, soon made the memes on the post and circulated the screenshot to set ‘#UmarAkmalQuotetrending on the Twitter.

Umar Akmal has already been in hot waters for violating the anti-corruption code of PCB. As per the latest reports, a PCB appointed or an independent tribunal will investigate the matter and if Umar is found guilty of breaching the Article 4.7.1 of the anti-corruption code of PCB, he might be punished heavily for the same.

As per the said code of the PCB constitution, the board “shall have the discretion, in circumstances where it considers that the integrity of the sport could otherwise be seriously undermined, to Provisionally Suspend the Participant pending the Anti-Corruption Tribunals determination of whether he/she has committed an offence.

“Any decision to Provisionally Suspend the Participant will be communicated to the Participant in writing, with a copy sent at the same time to the ICC and, where applicable, the National Cricket Federation to which the Participant is affiliated.”

Earlier, he also escaped the ban for misbehaving during a recent fitness test for national team. The right-handed batsman allegedly made crude remarks to a trainer after failing in the fitness test at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore. As per the reports, Umar asked the trainer, “Charbi kidhar hai? (Where is the fat?)’ after failing in the fitness test for the national selection. But that time PCB let him after reprimanding him for his conduct.

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