Epic Scenario; Umpire Menon gets warned by Virat Kohli, Jofra Archer runs in mid of the pitch

Umpire Menon gets warned by Virat Kohli

Umpire Menon gets warned by Virat Kohli (Pic Source : Twitter)

The First Chennai Test is being more interesting as the visitors are giving a tight fight to the hosts as they are at the edge of more dominance. With giving the toss, Joe Root choose to bat first and registered a total of 578 on the board with his phenomenal double century of 218 runs. To trail the target, Indian Team gets all out at 337 with Rishabh Pant being the top scorer of 91 runs.

Coming to the second innings, England team were much relaxed with having 241 lead on their kitty but one of the finest strategical move by Indian skipper Virat Kohli to give new ball to a spinner Ravichandran Ashwin was a masterpiece idea which took wicket of Rory Burns in the very first ball.

The vintage Kohli was seen in an aggressive gesture after picking the wicket. The same kind of aggressive incident was caught up in similar manner where Jofra Archer and Umpire Menon was triggered by King Kohli.

At that time visitors were on 167 runs with losing 8 wickets and Jofra Archer came to bat who scored 5 runs in 10 deliveries and had a quite drama at that time.


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While taking single, Archer run in the middle of the pitch which wasn’t appreciated by Virat Kohli. The actual drama was caught when after running also, he wasn’t warned by the Umpire which made Kohli to take a move.

So the skipper, warner umpire by quoting, “Oye Menon, Seedhe run bhi beech mein bhad raha hai yaar kya hye”.

(Translation- “Hey Menon, he is running in the middle of the pitch”)

This act took by Archer wasn’t good as it is written under the Cricket Laws that while taking run no batsman can’t run in between the pitch. Even the bowler have to stop himself after taking a follow-up. Running in the middle of the pitch is termed to be a unfair practice.

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