Monday, September 26, 2022

Umpire Nigel Llong rules Muthusamy out after India stop appealing for the wicket


During the Ashes 2019, the poor umpiring became a talking point, but Now, During the India versus South Africa series, DRS is used rarely and umpiring standard is also high. Today, During the South Africa inning, Jadeja bowled a delivery to outside off on the rough to Muthusamy.

Jadeja received an official warning for running on the wicket

Muthusamy couldn’t play a shot on this delivery and defended the ball via Pad, and Umpire Nigel Llong gave him out after India stop appealing for the wicket. Muthusamy went for the review, but the decision remains the same, and he was out.

“The double hundred has given the team extra session and a half, which becomes very crucial. The partnership between Virat and Jadeja was fabulous and almost at run-a-ball 230-odd (225), which is fabulous. If you are looking to win games, then you want to have that time to get 20 wickets,” said Mayank Agarwal at the end of day two.

“To get a 250, it’s no joke and way he is batting is tremendous. The positivity and intent are fabulous. The records and his scores prove everything that we all need to see (learn).”

“Virat and Rahane during the last evening, around an hour and a half, when the ball was doing a bit under lights, played really tight. They didn’t give the opposition a wicket, in the first session and that put us in driver’s seat, and we could do what we did in the second session.”

“You need to put a mark (target) and make sure that at the end of the year, whatever time (frame) you have set, you tick those boxes,” he added.

“Sometimes you put in the effort, and it’s not like you get instant result. You have to keep doing your things, keep ticking the boxes, keep improving, putting in performances year after year, the selection will eventually come.”



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