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Utilizing the untimely break to learn new things and improving fitness: Deepak Chahar


With the IPL 2020 and all International series getting either cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all the players are enjoying the untimely break from the game. The 21-days locked down imposed by the Indian Government has stopped every outdoor activity and services at least till 14 April. And this lockdown has forced everyone to do some uncommon work by themselves.

The untimely break has come as a blessing in disguise for the Indian Swing Bowler Deepak Chahar who was side-lined of the action after he complaint of Lower back pain during the ODI series againgst West Indies in December last year. After which Chahar was suggested rest by BCCI medical team for at least 3-4 months.

Now, back to action, Deepak Chahar utilizing the welcome break in getting fully fit and match ready when the situation becomes favourable for the game. Chahar who represents Chennai Super Kings in the IPL, would have been representing his franchise if the pandemic has not stopped the action for the time being.

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In a recent interview, providing his fitness updates, the 27 year-old said, “I am looking forward to bowling again. For now, the idea is to stay fit. When things are not in your control, there is little you can do. So, I focus on what I can do during that time. I am trying to learn new things, focus on my fitness – as you know I was injured and getting back. This gives me more time to recover.”

While talking about the chances of making it to the first encounter versus Mumbai Indians, Chahar said, “Had the IPL season started on time, I would have missed the first few matches.”

The marquee tournament which was all set to get rolling from 29th March has been now postponed till 15th April at least amid the COVID-19 attack. In a last month and so, the World has been hit severely by the COVID-19 virus. The Virus originated from the Wuhan City of China has created havoc in the world. The virus has infected 203 countries and two international conveyances till now, infecting around 1.8 Million People and consuming around 1,15,000 lives in this duration.

While voicing his concern about the poor and needy in this lockdown period, Chahar urged the people to help each other and bid the difficult time with unison. “It is obviously a difficult time for all of us, everything coming to a standstill. Loss of business and jobs, especially for daily wage workers,” concluded Chahar.



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