Vini Raman, Glenn Maxwell’s fiancée, hits back a guy on Insta post

Vini Raman, Glenn Maxwell’s fiancée, hits back a guy on Insta post

Vini Raman, Glenn Maxwell’s fiancée, hits back a guy on Insta post (Pic Source : Twitter)

15 days have gone by and the IPL 2020 have been a thrill to watch so far. Surely, the 5 months lockdown has affected the form of some players, but this has also ensured that no team could dominate the proceedings. The points table is astonishingly even with as many as six teams have four points each.

Apart from close games, the Covid-19 situation has also ensured that players remain in strict bio-bubble with no leniency at all. However, some players were also given the option of bringing their families with them to ensure they remain in right frame of mind throughout the tournament.

Glenn Maxwell, KXIP all-rounder, opt not to bring her newly engaged fiancée Vini Raman. For our readers’ knowledge, Raman is a pharmacist based in Melbourne and for obvious reasons her social media accounts are filled with some of the couple’s adorable pictures.

But a guy with an Instagram handle guru_boy7 sparked a controversy when he made a foul comment on Vini’s post and called Maxwell “a mentally troubled white guy”.

On 20th September, Vini Raman posted an adorable message for Glenn Maxwell saying that she is missing him in this lockdown and wishes to be there in the UAE with Maxwell. The aforementioned guy took everyone by surprise when he posted the bullshit in comment box.

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However, Vini came up with a cracking reply to shut him off on post itself. “So, I normally do not respond to comments like these as I know trolls do it just to get attention. Despite that, a six-month lockdown has left me with plenty of time to educate ignorant morons. Loving someone of different skin colour does not make you a sell-out. Loving a white person does not mean I am embarrassed to be an Indian. Loving a white person is my choice and I shouldn’t have to worry about what others will think,” wrote Vini.

Interestingly, Maxwell also saw the comment and the fitting reply by Vini. Glenn Maxwell posted the screenshot of whole drama on his Instagram story too with a caption, “Proud of you. Some people are just genuinely pathetic!!!”

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