Monday, September 26, 2022

Virat Kohli and Gambhir Gambhir came face to face again


In a befitting reply to Gautam Gambhir Virat said “he will be sitting at home if he thinks like people from outside” without naming Gautam Gambhir.

Recently, in a sports show on TV, Gambhir said that one should not compare Kohli with MSD as the later has 3 IPL titles in his bucket and Kholi still has not any IPL for his team RCB. Gambhir even went to say that one should not compare Kohli with Rohit Sharma even as the later has also won IPL title thrice for his team MI. He also went on to say that Kohli is lucky that he has been retained by RCB as captain over the years despite him not winning a single IPL title.

When asked to Gambhir where do you think Virat comes in the list of captaincy he said that

“Virat has a long way to go don’t see him (Kohli) as a shrewd captain or a tactful captain. And he hasn’t won the IPL. So ultimately a captain is only as good as his record till the time you don’t win the IPL, there are captians like MSD and Rohit Sharma  who have won IPL title 3 times so he has long way to go.

You cannot compare him to Dhoni or Rohit at this satge. He has been part of RCB and captaining RCB for the last seven to eight years and he has been very lucky and should rather thank the franchise that they stuck to him because not many captains have got such a long run where they haven’t won a tournament. So he should be thanking the franchise that they have stuck on him”.



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