Saturday, August 13, 2022

Virat Kohli stepped down as India’s test Captain


After the series lost came by Proteas Team in the overseas conditions, Indian Team might be looking for some look up over the batting department. Indian batting unit has became a quite sort off issue in the present time which eventually leading up to low score total in the red ball format.

But the main update came all over here now was the stepping down from the captaincy spot which came all the way from the Indian Test captain Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli has announced stepping down from the captaincy spot from test cricket  which was a shocking news for all the cricketing fans.

Earlier he had decided to leave the ODI Captaincy and leaving T20I captaincy as well respectively which makes him available as a pure batsman in the white ball format and now leaving the Test captaincy makes him totally playing as a batsman for the national team in all the three departments.

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With his decision coming over, a huge place has been left out for being the commander of the Indian Test Team which has been given to The Star Indian Player.

The player is none other than KL Rahul himself. According to the reports it has been said that KL Rahul set to be appointed as the new all time Test Captain of Indian National Team.

His performance in the overseas series carried out in South African soil was tremendous as putting a century in the Johannesburg Test was the best among all.

His present form is giving him new heights to be get achieved and KL Rahul is standing all the way for great representation of his career by leading the team as a permanent player.

It will be amazing too see how now KL Rahul will keep his team into the red ball format after maintaining a huge legacy stand by the Great Virat Kohli.



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