Friday, August 19, 2022

Virat Kohli Takes bottle cap challenge


Earlier, Yuvraj Singh stated a bottle cap challenge on Social media. Yuvraj posted a video in that he opened the Bottle cap using the bat and ball. After that, many cricketers were participating in the challenge and posted their video on social media. Now India captain Virat Kohli also takes the Bottle cap challenge.

Virat Kohli posted a video on twitter and takes bottle cap challenge and wrote, “Better late than never, #BottleCapChallenge.”

Indian team coach Ravi Shastri was doing commentary during Virat’s bottle camp challenge.

“He’s a got a wide range of shots, what he is doing to do,” Shastri can be heard saying when the video begins.

As soon as Kohli removes the Bottle Cap, Shastri can be heard saying “Oh, what a shot that is, a flick of the wrist and way he goes, what a shot”.

Here the Video of Virat Kohli’s bottle cap challenge

Pakistan player Babar Azam on his comparison with Virat Kohli

“I don’t think there is or should be any comparison as we are different types of players,” Azam told “I just focus on my batting and working on my strengths and weaknesses and have no desire to be compared with any other cricketer.”

“I’m sure I speak for most cricketers when I say comparisons are only for fans and the media and we cricketers don’t really crave any comparisons or want to be compared to any current or former players as that just create endless pressure,” Babar Azam added.

“As great as he is, I don’t want to be compared to Virat (Kohli) or any other cricketer, I just want to win matches for my country as that is my only aim,” Babar Azam added.

Today, India versus West Indies will play the second ODI of the three-match ODI series. The first ODI of the series was washed out due to rain.



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