Friday, December 2, 2022

Virat Kohli was doing some dance move during the First ODI


Yesterday was the first match of the ODI series between West Indies versus India. But it was continuously raining, and the match abounded. In this match, India won the toss and Invited West Indies to bat first. But after the 6th overs of West Indies batting, the rain came and match stopped then the match was reduced to 3 overs but after the 13th overs again the rain came and after that match didn’t start again.

During the west Indies batting, When Chris Gayle was batting, Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle started to enjoy the moment and made some dance moves. Virat Kohli was doing some dance move.

Virat Kohli wasn’t happy because the rain washed out the match.

After the rain washed out the match, during the post-match presentation, Virat Kohli said, “It’s probably the worst part of cricket, a stop-start is never a good feeling. Either it should rainout or play the full game. The more stops you have, the more you want to be careful to ensure that the players don’t injure themselves. Cricket has come a long, long way. England, for example, has done really well with their turnaround. Scores of 400 are being scored regularly now.”

“The game is moving fast because of the T20 influence into the games, and it is only to go higher and higher as we go ahead. The guys are fitter, sharper now and all teams will have to keep up with that. A few of the pitches in the Caribbean can test you. Some pitches might have good pace and bounce, but some of them will be on the slower side, and you need to be patient. The team that adapts well and plays better percentage of cricket will benefit. Both teams will look to do that in the coming days.”



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