Virat reveals his future plans about retirement and work load management

Virat reveals his future plans about retirement and work load management

Speaking in a press conference ahead of the first Test match against New Zealand, Indian Captain Virat Kohli talked about the jam-packed schedule of International matches and his future plans about work load management.

Virat, who had been playing high intensity cricket for almost a decade now, stressed that for at least upcoming 2-3 years he is not looking to give up any format to manage the work load.

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“My mindset is on the bigger picture as I prepare myself for a rigorous three years from now and after that we might have a different conversation,” quipped Virat Kohli on the question of having any second thoughts about quitting any format of game post 2021 T20 World Cup.

However, at the same time like many other players in the world, Virat was quite vocal about the fatigue and workload due to the rigorous amount of cricket he plays.  “It’s not a conversation you can hide away from in any manner. It is around eight years now that I have been playing 300 days a year, which includes travelling and practice sessions. And intensity is right up there all the time. It does take a toll on you,” Virat Kohli said.

For last couple of years, Virat Kohli has started to take periodic breaks in between the series to manage the workload. Virat also stressed the fact that being a captain he has be at your energetic best to inspire the team in the field. And these small periodic breaks are currently doing a world of good for him currently.

“It’s not that the players are not thinking about it all the time. We do choose to take lot more breaks individually even though the schedule might not allow you to. Especially from guys, who play all the formats.

“It’s not easy being captain, having that intensity in the practice sessions. It does take a toll on you. Periodic breaks seem to work pretty okay for me,” added Virat.

Reiterating his future plans, Virat said he has no issues for the upcoming two or three years at least and he will reassess the plans after two or three years of same intensity cricket, subsequently ruling out any retirement plans till the age of 34 or 35.

“At a time where the body can’t take anymore, maybe when I am 34 or 35, we will have a different conversation. For the next two to three years I have no issues at all.

“I can keep going on with the same intensity and also understand that the team wants a lot of my contribution in the next two to three years, so that I can ease into another transition that we faced five-six years ago,” he added.

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