Who’s the better between Hardik Pandya and Ben Stokes? – picks Brad Hogg

Who’s the better between Hardik Pandya and Ben Stokes? – picks Brad Hogg

Who’s the better between Hardik Pandya and Ben Stokes? – picks Brad Hogg(Pic Source:crictracker)

Former Australian Spinner Brad Hogg is having a good time post his retirement. The China-man bowler has now turned into a cricket expert and often gives his ideas on the modern Cricket.

At a time when world has been living in the fear of COVID-19, almost everyone has quarantined himself in his home. The sports activities across the world has stopped and the players are now keeping themselves busy by interacting with their fans on social media.

Brad Hogg, during one of his question and answer sessions on Twitter, faced a tough ask when one of his fans asked him to a pick better all-rounder between Hardik Pandya and Ben Stokes. Most of the cricket experts would have chosen a diplomatic approach to answer the question. However, Brad Hogg picked Ben Stokes as the better of two for the English man’s outstanding international record.

Brad Hogg tweeted, I have to go with the Englishman on this one. Hardik has huge potential, but hasn’t played enough international cricket to challenge Stokes as the all rounder of my world XI.

However, Brad Hogg is not wrong in his assessment as the English all-rounder clearly has more experience than his Indian counter-part. While Hardik Pandya has played a total of 11 Tests, 54 ODIs and 40 T20Is for India. Stokes, on the other hand, has represented England in 63 test matches, 95 ODIs and 26 T20Is.

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Ben Stokes has been backbone of Indian middle order for quite some time now. The English all-rounder has garnered more than 7,000 international runs along with 241 prized slaps to his name. On the other hand, Hardik Pandya is still new to the international cricket and is yet to prove his metal in bowling and finishingskills at international level. The Indian all-rounder has close to 2000 International runs with just above 100 wickets in international arena.

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