Monday, December 5, 2022

Yuvraj Singh picks his best bowler for world cup 2019


Yuvraj Singh is currently playing for Mumbai Indians in IPL-12. He played in the starting matches of IPL 2019. But after that MI dropped him from the team. Yuvraj Singh played an important role in 2011 world, and India won the world cup 2011. He is the player of the tournament of world cup 2019.

In a recent interview when asked him about Jasprit Bumrah he gave a funny answer he said, “I don’t play him in the nets. I tell him not to bowl to me,”

Yuvraj also said that Jasprit Bumrah would play a vital role for India in world cup 2019, he said, “Jasprit Bumrah is probably one of the best three bowlers in the world. He wins games with the ball. He is best when he attacks. I am gunning for him to be the best bowler in the World Cup,”

He also spoke about Kuldeep Yadav. Because in this season of IPL, Kuldeep Yadav is not looking in the form and KKR dropped him from the team, Yuvraj said about Kuldeep Yadav.

“I don’t compare T20 with one day cricket. Kuldeep has been a fantastic bowler for India, and I am sure he will bounce back. There are nine league games to be played at the World Cup, and there would have been a worry if he was hit in a fifty overs competition. Our strength for a while has been to play with two spinners. And he has been extremely effective in England, South Africa, and Australia,” he said.

Yuvraj also said that Vijay Shanker inclusion is good for India because he also provides stability to our bowling attack.

“We have less bowling options. But earlier we had only four fielders in the circle so you could get four or five overs out of part-timers. But now with five fielders in the circle, it’s very difficult to get that many overs out of them. That’s why you need specialists. But they will have to get some overs out of whoever is playing at no.6 whether it is Kedar or Vijay Shankar. You may need to get four or five or sometimes 10 overs out of them. Let’s see,” he complete.



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