Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Yuzvendra Chahal wants to play for RCB only


Yuzvendar Chahal is an important player not only for RCB but also for team india. But his journey started with RCB, he get the chance of playing for team india when he was playing fabulously for RCB. Yuzvendra Chahal is performing well in this season of IPL also. He has taken 14 wickets in the ongoing edition of the IPL.

In a recent interview to ANI, Chahal said that he only wants to play for RCB. He said “It’s like a family to me, when I came here in 2014 I never thought that I’ll play for this franchise. I really enjoy when I come to Bengaluru and I only want to play for RCB in the IPL throughout my life.”

RCB has always been one team in the IPL with strong home support. RCB has one of the most loyal fan-base. When asked does it distract him in playing at Chinnaswamy stadium he replied “When you play at Chinnaswamy Stadium, it is very loud and the crowd is always supporting you. But whenever I bowl I just try to focus on my game and my situation like where to bowl, so I am used to it now and it is nothing new for me.”

On asked about how does he feel about the way Virat goes out of the way in supporting his players he said “Obviously you feed good, you get more confidence when your captain backs you and your team management gets behind you. You always want to go for wickets, nothing happens if you go for runs as the captain is constantly looking for wickets, so it is a great feeling for me.”

On asked his opinion about other bowlers of his team not performing well, he said

“I think even in the last year we had the same bowlers, we did well but if someone is not performing well for two to three games, you cannot blame the player. I think all the bowlers that we have in our squad, have played international matches so they the talent and the skills to play this level of cricket.”

Chahal also said that is an honour to play with both Kohli and de Villiers. He said “They are two legends: One is a number one batsman (Kohli) and the other has retired but he is a 360-degree player (AB de Villiers) so it is a privilege to play alongside them.”

On asked to him, how IPL is going to affect his performance in world cup, he replied in a positive way “Before the World Cup, you have 14 matches and it’s a good chance to prepare for the World Cup as you play along with the best players across the globe and if you perform in this tournament you go into the international matches with more confidence.”



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